Sunday, 19 December 2010

Your Country Needs You?

Why the barrage of FoI request to Department of Communities and Local Government? After all they seem to be run by a lovely group of chaps. A bit short of sense perhaps but surely their hearts are in the right place.

My reasons are simple. I love Eric, he fascinates me. In some respect we are very similar. We both have a lovely sense of humour, like a good curry, enjoy a slice (or two) of cake. I too am  rotund and equally interesting, so much so that I am have trouble with the buttons on my waistcost - I can only fasten-eight. See what I mean about the humour?

I have listened to talk of The Big Society. I have listened to the rhetoric about increasing transparency and accountability. I have heard Uncle Eric shout out 'localism!, localism!, localism!". And I have decided I can stand it no longer. I too am prepared to do my bit for the country. So my friends, I have decided to sit back down. Yes, sit back down in my comfy armchair and join the ever growing army of armchair auditors.

Rise up and sit down comrades. Rise up and challenge and hold them all to account. And try to have a smidgen or fun when you are doing it because I suspect that auditing is a bit boring really.

Your fiend and mine,


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