Sunday, 19 December 2010

FoI request #4 - The lovely Royal Wedding

Derek Tickles

26 November 2010

My Lovely Chums

After the wonderful news of the Royal engagement between Prince
William and the delightful Kate, I have been beside myself with
excitement. I expect this is infectious and you too sporting a
cheesy grins, as big as boy who has eaten a whole Victoria Sponge
cake alone.

I understand that a Public Bank holiday has been declared to
celebrate the event. I assume that many companies and offices will
also wish to mark the monumental and romantic time and CLG will be
no exception.

Can you please supply me with a summary (ideally no more than 10
pages) of the plans that you have to celebrate the royal wedding at
CLG? Can you also supply me with the size of the budget that is
being set aside to cover the costs (I assume this will be top
sliced from the local authority settlement and only the most
mean-mouthed republicans will object and frankly they should be

Yours with a fanfare

Derek Tickles

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