Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hot Gossip

 I have seen some stylish space hoppers carefully drawn in all sorts of places in the last few weeks. All of this has been surpassed by a quite remarkable unverified claim. Rumours have reached me that one middle-aged Head of Profession has decided to take the plunge and get a full-size Spacehopper inked across her ample back –you go Girl!.  The first person to provide photographic evidence gets a free all you can eat lunch at Greggs courtesy of yours truly.

In other news, last week, I spent most of Wednesday replacing the toner cartridge next to the Communications  Team. What I love about Comms is they know lots and lots of the goss but have no one to share it with so just shout it out across the office at each other – obviously most of the time they are kept busy phoning unctuous journos trying to get Nick’s weird stories placed. Well I heard something rather interesting last week. So here is my latest FoI:

Dear Chums

Can you supply me with the following information?
Dates and times when representatives from Gardant Communications or Heathcroft Communications met with staff, Ministers or SpAds from DLCG since June 2011.
Details of payments to Gardant Communication or Heathcroft Communications since June 2011
  Any hospitality, lunches or dinners received by Ministers or SpAds from Gardant Communication or Heathcroft Communications since June 2011

Yours with the goss


  1. Nick Nick ??

  2. What head of profession? Lawyer? Comms? Economist? IT? Analysis? Scientists? Dietitians? Spads? Oh, sorry, spads aren't a profession as such - they'll let anyone in. But I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Giles has a space hopper tat on his behind. I dare say he moons it at Nick in their grubby little office adjacent to the ministerial toilet.

  3. So a government comms office has dealings with PR / comms / lobby firms - and what's your point? It's part of the government comms service's role to deal with these organisations. Grow up and find something worth worrying about. Like whether you'll still have a job this time next year. Heaven knows you don't deserve one - unless you know somewhere with a vacancy for professional troublemaker and timewaster.

  4. mmh maybe Nick can explain why these two PR / comms /lobby firms have been mentioned specifically? Come let's be transparent young lad.

    Why don't I grow up? Why don't you grow up!! na na na you smell of poo!

    As for finding a role as a "professional troublemaker and timewaster" I really do not want to lower myself and become a SpAd

    Thank you and goodnight

  5. I hope you treat your day job with more devotion to duty than you do this blog. You don't really do much here, do you? Maybe you won't be doing anything much longer at the taxpayer's expense. Let me guess, DCLG are ignoring yet another infantile FOI requests from "Derek Tickles" because he is vexatious. As in, a vexatious, supercilious little twit. I declare this entire blog vexatious. I declare Derek Tickles to be superfluous to the taxpayer's needs and an affront to democracy. Tickles is probably the reson Tony Bliar thought himself a "nincompoop" (who ever says that nowadays?) for introducing FOI legislation. Be gone. Get thee hence.

  6. Oi, Anonymous! Leave him alone - what do you do or say that's so worthwhile, anyway? You flippin nincompoop.
    Keep up the good work Mr T. I look forward to hearing what the spads have been up to with their lobbyist pals. Is it significant that the hamlet of Keningham succumbed to the Black Death? Or that Westlake Studios was used by Michael Jackson?

  7. Theres a rumour going round eland that someone has been suspended after DT related files were found on his work laptop. Surely you wouldn't have been soo careless? Anyone know if its true? Ive not seen anything saying you can't have stuff about Derek Tickles on a DCLG work computer. Its the thought police coming after us. No wonder staff moral is so low.

  8. No, that was Unle Eric's laptop which was found to be full of asian filth. On closer inspection a tikka spill and half a carton of pilua rice.