Sunday, 19 December 2010

FoI request #5 - Free curry!!

Derek Tickles

26 November 2010

Dearest Chums

Our Eric and I seem to share a number of traits. We both have fine
and well developed sense of humour. Eric’s recent “Britain's curry
industry is second to naan” gag was particularly hilarious I nearly
choked on my Victoria sponge cake when I first heard it.

We also seem to share a passion for curry. We both seem to be like
naughty clocks and always going back 4 seconds. I especially love a
curry that has been prepared with tandoor oven care! I’m sure Eric
does too.

Earlier this week Eric attended the 2010 British Curry awards. Can
you please supply details of anyone else from CLG (including
special advisors Giles Kennigham or Nick Westlake) who attended the
event with Eric? Can you also provide details of the hospitality
that the party received?

Yours in phall

Derek Tickles

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