Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I'll be back

Cooooooo-eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Have you missed me??????

As you may have noticed I have not been around much. As some of you know I have been involved with a secret project. Well actually, I had the chance of a secondment to small little Government Department called Her Majesty’s Treasury. It appeared that HMT had got into a bit of bother, like most other Departments, they had lost lots of experienced staff in recent restructuring. Things had got so bad at HMT that they had lost all expertise in replacing the toner cartridges to their antiquated printers and were desperate for my skills! Ironic really that the Department with all the money are still relying on the old workhorse which is the beloved HP Laserjet III(D).  This D is for Duplex printing for those who don’t know!

My secondment was timed to cover the busy period when the budget was made-up. Wowsers - those guys at HMT do get through a lot of paper every day. I was kept on my toes I can tell you. In the last few months I have had to change 3 toner cartridges. Luckily I had lots of help and would formally like to thank the ginger haired young lad with the funny voice –I think his name is Danny and assume he is on some sort of work experience from a National Park or some other small single function body.  I would also like to thank everyone for being so friendly but gosh you guys work hard – you should come to Eland House for a rest!... oh and finally the SpAds are different.. (almost) professional without the air of supercilious arrogance that I sadly I had been accustomed too.

I will hopefully be back at Eland House soon and will start making sure that Uncle Eric and his cronies are held to account (or at least ridicule). In the mean time I was intrigued to see that a few of my and others blogs and FoI requests relating to Opera Solution, Gardant Communications  and Nick Sheridan-Westlake made Private Eye and the LGC last month.

First mention of Opera Solutions and how dodgy research has been used in July 2011:

Next blog where questions are asked about meetings and emails between Nick Sheridan-Westlake and Nick Vaughan at Gardant Communications:

And finally when Mr Edward Rudolf asked about email communications between Gardant Communication and DCLG. This request was asked in September but not supplies until January – just enough time for Nick to delete his emails?!

I am sure this will not be the last of this. Ben Goldacre did the initial demolition job on Opera's work (linky) and this was then taken up expertly by Radio4's More or Less.... but comrades the real story is about poor Nick-Nick...so keep digging....

I'll be back.. sadly



  1. Grant Schnapps11 July 2012 at 08:06

    Mr Tickles, Mr Tickles, where art thou? We miss you...

  2. Ooooooh, aaaaaaaaahhh
    When will I see you again?
    When will we share Eric stories?
    You don't have to wait for Nicky
    Will I have to suffer and cry to bad Giles too?
    When will you tell me again?
    When will our copies print together?
    Are you in love or just friends?
    Is my spad pay just beginning
    or will it never end?
    When can I leak to you again?
    When will I see you again?

  3. ouchmefarmershurt20 July 2012 at 06:14

    Hey, fatty bum bum,
    Eric's sugar dumpling.
    Hey, fatty bum bum;
    Nick'll tell you something.

    No, not because you're so big and fat,
    Don't believe he's afraid of that.
    No rubber knickers commendation;
    Nick's in a situation.

    Hey, fatty bum bum,
    Giles' sugar dumpling.
    Hey, fatty bum bum;
    Derek, I'll tell you something.

    No need to be the size of a house,
    with a reinforced bed
    the weeble wobbles but he never drop down dead.
    Never let the big behind fool you;

    They cool-like-tikka massala, like you

    No need to try to bounce
    On the reinforced bed
    It won't do nothing for Nick's street cred.

    Never let your cherub face fool you
    The choirboy blondie says he gonna sue you

    Hey, blondie bum bum,
    Ultra vires dumpling.
    Hey, fatty bum bum,
    Nick, now tell me something.

    No, not because you're so such a sweet boy
    Don't believe I'm took on by your ploy

    Gardant is no recommendation;
    I'm looking for compensation

    Hey, Nicky bum bum,
    D'you think we're dumb or something?
    Look at Uncle Eric's bum
    Tight in rubber knickers.