Sunday, 19 December 2010

FoI request #7 Sleeping on the job

Derek Tickles

12 December 2010

Dear Chums

I recently read that poor old multi millionaire Grant Shapps, the
housing minister, has been forced to sleep in his House of Commons

It appears that after a hard day doing whatever his business is, he
is too tired to make the 20 mile journey home to his mansion near
Watford. I would have thought he could have a snooze in the back of
his luxury ministerial car as he is whizzed home in no time.
Alternatively, if Victoria Street could be closed for a few minutes
he could fly home in his private Piper Saratoga jet and be home
tucked up in bed in no time so that he is as fresh as a daisy the
next day.

Mr Shapps told The Sunday Telegraph: "It's not actually a bad place
to sleep if it wasn't for the clock chiming every 15 minutes but I
am not complaining about my conditions because nobody forces you to
be an MP or a minister."

Mr Shapps statement got me worried whether he will be able to give
110 per cent (as the PM gave at the recent world cup bid) and will
be able to fully concentrate on his job. Can he even give a lowly
100 per cent, I question?

Can you please inform me what provision is given to allow Ministers
and staff to kip over in Eland House?

1. How many bed are installed (single, double, folding and

2. Are fresh sheets, duvets and pyjamas supplied or do staff have
to provide their own?

If there is currently no provision for staff to kip over after a
hard days work (and also save a few quid on rent) has any
consideration been given to allow staff to use the office after
hours as a doss-house?

Yours with nacrolepsy

Derek Tickles

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