Sunday, 19 December 2010

FoI request #6 - A Winter's Tale

Derek Tickles

9 December 2010

Dear Chums,

I share Eric Pickles concerns regarding the necessity to call time
on the pagan assault on our most christian of christian festivals.
It really is 'snow' joke.

Cutting the rotund and jocular figure that I do, I fear these
changes may see my regular seasonal employment as Father Christmas
under threat,leaving me little time to cut down on the necessary
pies, puddings and Victoria Sponge to attain a jack frost physique.

In order that I may add my weight to Mr Pickles efforts, please can
CLG supply details of the research on which his campaign is based.
I would also request a list of the Councils CLG have identified in
2010 who have removed or intended to remove the word Christmas form
their festivities and replaced it with Winterval, Lumnious, Winter
Lights, Festivus, Bauble-icious, Ice To See You, to see you ice,
Turkey Twizzle or any other un-christian alternative nomenclature.

I would also like information on the financial and other resources
rightly invested by CLG to write , promote, deal with enquiries (eg
press and FOI) on, this timely, original and relevant seasonal

Yule Sincerely,

Derek Tickles

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