Sunday, 19 December 2010

FoI request #9 - Money's to tight to mention

Derek Tickles

18 December 2010

Seasonal salutations chums,

Following Uncle Eric’s ‘fair’ and ‘progressive’ local government
settlement there has been the usual bleatings from the usual
suspects. How dare councils such as Liverpool, Hackney and
Manchester suggest that the most deprived have been hit hardest?
They have been receiving massive government ‘hand outs’ for years
and shown such little gratitude. Whereas, the poor and needy people
of Richmond, Surrey and Windsor and Maidenhead are seeing cuts as
well. I am sure many are asking where their next roast swan will
come from but we do not hear them moaning.

I am sure that DCLG conducted a phenomenal amount of research to
support the statements on the ‘fair’ and ‘progressive’ settlement.
Can you please supply me with the quantitative evidence? I am
particularly interested in analysis that explored the relationship
between deprivation and formula grant.

I assume multiple regression models and ANOVA tests were produced
as well as other statistical jiggery-pokery. Can you please supply
the outputs from these models. Please supply the sig level,
p-value, r-sq, F-value and anything else that you think will help.
To be honest it will just be a load of squiggles to me but it will
make me feel better.

Come on let’s put these baseless accusations to rest. Good lord, do
people think that important decisions at DCLG are being made by
Laurel and Hardy?

Yours fiscally,
Derek Tickles

PS The Laurel and Hardy question is not part of the FoI request.

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