Thursday, 23 December 2010

It is written in the stars...

Here is my latest missive to the Department for Communities and Local Government. I am already looking forward to their reply. Gosh, this armchair auditing is hard work. Thankfully it can be done from the comfort of a cosy armchair...

Where the action takes place.

Dear Chums,

Following on from Sherry Eastpond's marvellous and inquisitive FoI
request pertaining to county flags proudly flying above Eland
House, I found myself perusing the press release for the launch of
this wonderful initiative:

As usual there are the wise words from Uncle Eric, covering
tradition, ceremony and pride. Speaking from personal experience,
every morning when I pass the flagpole I feel a stirring. When I
bound up to my desk I am inspired, I am ready to go the extra mile,
to give my all, to give 110% as our PM has shown is possible (gowd
knows what would have happened if he had reduced his output to more
human 100% at the recent World Cup bid?).

Anyhow, further down the press release I came across this:
Celebrity astrologer and historian Russell Grant said:

"Our counties are over a thousand years old and are steeped in
history. They give us a sense of identity, of community, and great
pride in where we live. I am delighted that they are being
recognised in this way."

Seriously did DCLG really ask cuddly celebrity astrologer Russell
Grant for his view?

I know recently the current administration has done away with
boring stuffy stuff like unnecessary research and evidence, but
this really takes the chocolate biscuit that you are consulting
with a mystic? Whatever next, will Mystic Meg be bought in to help
with forecasting the local government settlement, will Hilda Ogden
be contracted to read Uncle Eric's tea leaves to help with the
housing strategy?

Can you please answers to the following questions:

1) Who contacted Russell Grant (for his wonderfully insightful
2) How much was Russell Grant paid for his troubles?
3) Provide any evidence you have that "our counties are over 1000
years old"?
3) and finally, why the heck is a celebrity astrologer described as
an historian?

Seriously, I am almost speechless for once, but thankfully I can
just about bash this out.

Beware Uranus is ascendant in Aries, there could be trouble


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  1. And i thought Russell Grant was dead!