Sunday, 4 December 2011

It's Panto Time - Oh yes it is

Here’s the season to be jolly and I am pleased to announce with Winterval fast upon us that a truce in war between Uncle Eric and his axis of Evil versus the Army of Armchair Auditor.

To mark this unprecedented truce I was invited to a meeting that focused on increasing the rock bottom morale at DCLG. All the great and good were there plus Nick and Giles. Uncle Eric chaired the meeting and Poor Grant Shapps was asked to keep minutes – purely to keep him awake I think.

The meeting started with a suggestion that senior staff put on Christmas play for the troops. One option put forward was a Nativity play with Uncle Eric appearing from a (very strong) safety wire in the atrium as the Angel Gabriel. Poor Grant Shapps said he could play the part of the Baby Jesus as he could sleep peacefully in a manager. But all this was scuppered when it was pointed out we could not find 3 wise men and virgin. At this point Nick’s frail hand shot up and he said ‘but I am a…’ and before he finished Giles interrupted and said, too much amusement, ‘yes we know you are but it is the wise men that is the problem’. Those specials boys really do not get on!!

Anyway a decision was made that we would put on a pantomime and we have all been busy rehearsing - more details later folks.

In the meantime here is a festive puzzle to keep the little ones amused.

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  1. What a cruel trick. When I printed, cut out and began assempling my jigsawI thought I would be creating a picture of a cuddly santa. Imagine my horrow when I finished the puzzle and found "Santa" with tikka sauce down his otherwise snow-white beard, waving a sausage on a cocktail stick. The children were in tears.

  2. oh dear, I do apologise chum, next time I will add a warning that a scary horrid man may appear so not to frighten the kiddies.