Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Party Time

During these austere times we are being bombarded with bad news from every quarter.  The economy is in the doldrums, unemployment is rising and Uncle Eric is still running local government  …… …into the ground.

Even the amusing spat between poor Grant  Shapps and John Humphrys last week on the Today Programme has not lifted the mood significantly in Eland House – though the rumours that young Nick was to blame over the confusion of booking poor Mr Shapps and not informing him, bought a smile to my cheeky chubby chops.

I therefore wish to lighten the mood. After all it is nearly the season to party so let us make this Winterval the best one ever. I plan to release an exciting cornucopia of Christmassy crazy creative blogs in the lead up to Winterval day. In the New Year I will be firmly seating myself back in the armchair and leading my shock troop of auditors into action again. So keep a look out for some krazy posts Chums.

So let’s get this party started with another FoI request.

Dear Chums

Last year Robert Neill responded to a question from Caroline Flint about DCLG Winterval Party:

“ As the Secretary of State indicated in his departmental press notice of 29 November 2010, the new Administration is committed to celebrating Christmas, including its Christian heritage. We should not allow politically correct Grinches to marginalise Christmas and the importance of the birth of Christ.

Ministers recognise that we live in frugal times due to the need to pay off the significant public deficit and national debt that the Government have inherited from the previous administration. But there is no need to play Scrooge.

In this context, a Christmas tree has been placed in the Department's reception at Eland house which has been provided at no cost to the taxpayer. This is in contrast to the previous cost of £1,037 for a Christmas tree outlined in the parliamentary answer of 12 November 2009, Official Report, column 849W.

Ministers plan to hold one small reception for senior DCLG staff to thank them for their hard work this year. Their work includes the abolition of bureaucratic Comprehensive Area Assessment and other local red tape, stopping the imposition of bin taxes and the unfair ports tax, and laying the ground for radical new powers for local authorities through the Localism Bill. The reception will be held in Eland House.”

Can you please supply details of the  planned celebrations for this year as I appear  not to have received my invite yet – an administrative oversight from Nick Sheridan-Westlake I am sure.

Yours ready to fight for your right to party


  1. Dear Derek- I haven't been invite either, and I regularly clean the various Eland House 'superbowls' where Eric parks his spicy world specials the day after ( yes pickles I know it us you going up or down a floor is the oldest trick in the book) . What would you like for Christmas? And do you have any New Year's Resolutions?

  2. Anonymous - your job sounds horrendous. Do you get danger money?

    Merry Christmas to Derek, Mrs T and twins!