Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Update on Cheesy Winterval

Just a quick update on two requests.

On Christmas Day, I told the kids that Daddy Tickles had some armchair auditing to do before they could open their presents. Can you imagine their sad little faces as I spent the morning typing my FoI request to DCLG? What is most sad about this sordid tale is that the request was subsequently declared vexatious.

But please, my chums, dry your eyes as this story ends with a happy ending. A good Samaritan has turned up and his name is Dean Halford, he has taken up the baton and submitted a follow up request. I salute you my friend.
You can see the original request here:

My second response from DCLG ended happily. They have supplied some beautiful photographs of our fav Ministers. The photos come with nice clean backgrounds, so lots of opportunity to produce some interesting photoshopped images?

The request can be seen here:

And my responses are below: -

Hark Martin

On the 25th day of December, in the two thousandth and tenth year of our Lord, I put finger to keyboard to seek wisdom and wise words from our spiritual leader (soon to be Lord?) Eric Pickles.

In Tickles’ letter to The Philistines, chapter 1 verses 2 to 3 his word was commanded vexatious. I was greatly lamented by this outcome. But in the valley of shadow of Eland House I shall fear no evil. I will not be tempted to give up and I will continue to tread the righteous path in the hope that others will follow and join my crusade.

And behold today, a disciple has been born.  I praise the work of Dean Halford and pray others will follow:  (
 I look forward to your response to his request.

Peace upon you


And the 2nd response...

Dear Martin

Thank you for the reply and the beautiful photographs. I am going to have fun with those in making my calendar.

I was surprised that Ministers dug into their own pockets to pay for these official photos. We well and truly really are all-in-this-together aren’t we?  Is this a new precedent where they will start paying for other things such as their own cars, overnight accommodation, lunches, off shore taxes?

I must say that Simon Wright has taken some wonderful snaps that really capture the character of each Minister. I am surprised that Uncle Eric could not even be bothered to straighten is collar – simply sloppy in my view. Weirdly Greg Clark seems to resemble a ventriloquist’s dummy with a rictus smirk.  Baroness Hanham is trying to blend into the background and nearly succeeding.
My favourite photo though has to be Grant Shapps. The poor bloke looks knackered. Surely they could have touched up the image to remove the spots and bags under his eyes. He really is struggling with the long commute to Watford as well as sleeping in his Commons office.  Give the lad a rest.

Yours in praise


  1. We love the photos and we love the blog.

  2. Who's 'we'? Not in my name I assure you.