Monday, 14 February 2011

Tickle Your Fancy

Today hard working Christian families up and down our fine land will celebrate the martyr of Valentine. A man who stood up for what he believed and cherished in. Yesteryear people gave theirs lives in pursuit of truth, now it seems it is enough just make stuff up and destroy the living of thousands and not bat an eyelid in pursuit of some hair brained political ideology. I suspect that when Uncle Eric has shuffled off this mortal coil he will not be sainted though. As for my plans today;  I will pop out a lunchtime and buy Mrs Tickles some sexy red nylon undies from Strutton Ground Market – yes Uncle Eric nylon, not rubber – calm down.

Before I do that I hastily penned some romantic messages for my favourites DCLG colleagues.

My first is in evidence but not in hunch
My second in corroborate but not in deny
My third in bright and also thick
And my last is in appreciated but not in hated.

And not to be forgotten…

Mr first is in grin but not in sincere
My second is in narcolepsy but not in awake
My third in vain and also vulgar
My third in struggling and not in competent
My last is in altogether but not in millionaire

Have a lovely day,
A not so secret admirer

1 comment:

  1. Mr T, i dont get the second verse - its got two 'thirds ' and if it's supposed to spell 'grant' as i suspect , it doesnt work as there is also an 'n' in competent. Come to think of it , is that the point? Grant Shapps doesnt't work properly wherever you put him? You clever git, Mr T!