Thursday, 6 January 2011

Music to our ears

Here is the latest FoI request:

6 January 2011

Dear chums,

Back in 1997 When Tony Blair was breathing life into the decaying
corpse of the Labour Party he hatched a plan that involved a
re-branding of the party accompanied with a musical backing track.
Who can forget the emotion they felt the first time they heard
D:Ream play 'Things can only get better' - well if the truth be
told I can't. During an over energetic lambada, with the soon to be
Mrs Tickles, I stomped on our kitten fracturing its left femur in
two places. The poor cat still walks with a limp and it is a
constant reminder of my folly that day.

Anyhow, I thought that you and your chums are going through a
sticky patch at the moment, with people sniping from all angles,
making rude accusations that you don't know what you are doing,
complaining about the generous handouts you have given to councils
and moaning about the various wars you have declared. How about we
get together to sing some songs to distract everyone and possibly
cheer them up a little. So my proposal is to set up a popular beat
combo made up of Uncle Eric (lead vocal), Grant Shapps (lead
guitar), Bob Neil (drums), Nick Sheridan-Westlake (triangle) and
me, Derek Tickles, (bass guitar).

I thought we could call ourselves something like D:Eric and The
Dominoes and our signature song could be Tell The Truth (The lyrics
are quite apt perhaps

In between writing lyrics for our next venture I have perused DCLGs
November service expenditure. I assume this entry is above board
and relates to the hire of a Transit van for our bands first gig in
Huddersfield, which incidentally I thought went quite well even
given the incident with the groupie at South Mimms Services.

Can you provide me details relating to the following claim:

19/11/2010 - Travel and subsistence account - £2,174,23p

Keep rocking


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