Wednesday, 23 March 2011

You have been evicted. Please leave Eland House.

One of these three fine gents will be saying farewell to Eland House soon.  An announcement will be made soon after the local elections in May. As has been reported here before, the work of Uncle Eric special boyz has led to The PM getting a telling off from big Gus. Now David is peeved with Uncle Eric. 

I am sure whoever is sent on their way, there will cheers from many in Eland House,  I may even bring cakes in.... or organise a street party.

So do you know which one will be sent on his way.  Will it be:
(A) Young Nick Sheridan-Westlake,
(B) Uncle Eric Pickles
(C) Dashing Giles Kenningham?

......... I know but I am sworn to secrecy, but please feel free to speculate in the comments section if you desire.  And try to keep it clean, ladies and children read this blog.

[And please do not mock the image above, it took all day to do, it was quiet day in the office]


  1. Although the one in the middle looks like he would probably bounce the furthest, my money is on the spiv attempting a biggles type moustache flying out at first light.
    PS You really have made a dog's dinner ( or is it an eland house mixed grill) of that picture.

  2. I would be happy to see all three to have their space hoppers burst and be sent on their way.