Sunday, 13 March 2011

***** World Movie Exclusive *****

The press have made much of the casting of Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher for the movie ‘The Iron Lady’ but a little voice (admittedly it’s inside my head- it must be those CYMK toner fumes)  tells me that there’s a more interesting cameo further down the film’s credits.

Yes , during a flashback scene set at a Conservative ‘do’ in 1980, Thatcher will be shown coming face to face ( over a generous buffet) with a strapping young Bradford Conservative councillor. The starry-eyed Eric (for it is he) is seen to curtsy and nervously heap praise on his noble leader’s inspirational maiden speech of 1960 only to have two secret service figures appear and comically escort the overeager admirer away from Thatch, spraying compliments and scotch egg crumbs as he departs.  Insiders say no less a man than James Corden has agreed to flesh out the part.

Rumour also has it that Mr Corden is treating Uncle E as a Raging Bull, and is bulking up De Niro –style for the meaty role, on a strict diet of Victoria Sponge, breakfasts (seven item, natch) and mixed grills - all provided from the subsidised DCLG luxury canteen 

It sounds as though Uncle Eric only has a very small part indeed, but I am sure it will cause much amusement in the dark, at The ABC in Beckenham for myself -and my very own Mrs T.

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  1. But if there's ever an 'eric the movie ' ( in super fryingpanovision) Who could play EP as we know him today ?And Which fresh faced young lady would be most suited to play Nick Sheridan Westlake in those moving 2011 scenes where she forlornly passes the tree of celebration for the last time, box of personal belongings in her arms