Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

I suspect that many of you choked on your Frosties this morning at the revelation that DCLG staff splashed out over a grand on a night at a fancy burlesque bar in London’s swanky Smithfields.
 I too felt a tight knot in my stomach when I read this story. Alas dear reader I have sordid confession. I think I was there that night but I cannot really recall.

We were two weeks into a new administration and the Department was buzzing with new Ministers and their fresh faced keen Special Advisers. I had produced some sterling work replacing a colour toner cartridge with a new austerity black and white one and was rewarded with an invite to a bar. One thing led to another and the rest of the night remains fuzzy. I do occasionally have flashbacks which consist of obese gentleman in tight rubber knickers gyrating to a Biggie Smalls tune  – not sure where this comes from but it is not nice.  But what I can say with all certainty that this tweeting civil servant never got naked but my thoughts go out to those that may have.

Forgive me Uncle if I have sinned.



  1. where do this lot get off? what a disgusting waste of public money ! uncle eric should be ashamed of his boys, there are several austerity measure pound -in -a -pint- pot joints offering superior value for money within easy spitting distance of the brickhouse

  2. Against all the odds DT you are working wonders on the Armchair Auditing front. You seem to be inspring a whole new AA generation http://thecolemanexperience.wordpress.com/

  3. I don't believe anything I read in the Daily Mail. Do you?