Monday, 25 April 2011

Super-Duper Injunction

It has been a busy weekend at Tickles Towers. I have spent many hours working with my team of solicitors preparing to submit an application for a super-duper injunction at the High Court. I cannot go into exact details but this ensures that my identity and others working with me are protected and can not be disclosed.

I am also trying to include a clause that will restrain a well known SpAd from drinking in the Cask and Glass Public House. For years, many fellow hard working pen pushing bureaucrats, have wasted (office) hours moaning about their lot in this fine establishment. What we do not need is a certain SpAd turning up and turning the beer sour. I am unsure why he can not sup at the The Stag instead.

In other news. In a recent post I mentioned that Cllr Nick Sheridan-Westlake was not standing in the forthcoming council elections in Guildford. There has been much chatter about the possible reasons behind this decision. Was it to do with the ticking off that he got from Uncle Eric? Was it to free up time so that he could spent more time speaking to tabloid hacks or was it so that he could focus on commissioning a sculpture of him and great Uncle Eric to adorn Eland House to replace the dying Tree of Celebration? - I am thinking of something tasteful in the style of Augustine Rodin.

Well it appears one possible reason for NSW not standing as a councillor is he has been accused of being a naughty boy. A charge was bought against him that he acted in a way to bring his position into disrepute. For more details you can read it all here:

So what direction will NSW head next? I am sure we will find out very very soon.... until it is may public why not enjoy this classic Go West?



  1. Oh you fool. The net is closing in - how does it feel? If you're lucky, you'll find yourself pressganged - I think you might like it In The Navy, Baldie. Yes, we can all play at stupid song games - you're probably old enough to remember this onw: we can thank our lucky stars that you're not as smart as you'd like to think you are.

  2. Apparently you're a bald cunt

  3. Dear Anonymous, Why ( erm...MCA...) don't you stop being so unkind to my hero Derek. In the words of Daphne and Celeste, 'ooh stick you! your mama too, and your daddy' . That of course being on the unlikeley assumption that you are aware of the identity of the latter.