Sunday, 30 October 2011

Drinking on the Job

With the recent revelations concerning Dr Fox and his unofficial adviser Adam Werritty, closer scrutiny is being applied to all special advisers in other Departments.  I understand no one believes that Nick is a close friend of any DCLG Ministers or actually a close friend of anyone at all. Sad but possibly true -  just ask Giles…

On to some exciting news. I am sure you all aware that it is British Pub Week. I intend to support this important event fully. Tireless workhorse Bob Neill has also been giving it 110% in discharging his Ministerial duties.  On 21st September he slipped out of the office in the afternoon and supped a few pints at the Black Dog in South London (

I think he developed the taste for the ale because a couple of weeks later he pulled a shift at The Partridge pub in Bromley ( Incidentally if you magnify the image and look at the reflections in the pint glass there is a ghostly image that looks like Nick Sheridan-Westlake sipping on a sweet sherry. I did not think we were allowed to drink alcohol during the working day – if we are then I think coming to work may become almost bearable again.

Latest FoI:

Dear Chums

Bob Neill has recently been spending a significant part of the working week in some of South London’s finest boozers partly to promote British Pub Week. I am hoping that DCLG will be encouraging all staff to fully support this important event. I am keen to do my part and willing to pull a 7 hour shift every working day.

Can you provide any communication to staff that encourages staff to celebrate British Pub week and a copy of any (temporary) change to policy on consuming alcohol during working hours? Or is there one rule for Ministers and one for staff?



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